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Saturday, June 25, 2016

At her very young age, Anggun Cipta Sasmi believed her fate was 'sing to live' or 'live to sing' - just like her father who was a story-book-for-children author : 'write to live, and live to write'.

Had her very first debut album at twelve, followed by her best-selling series album and single in Indonesia. In 1990 she was awarded as Indonesia's Most Popular Artist. Being a household name in Indonesia was not enough for Anggun. She was looking forward some new experiences and challenges to progress her musical journey. She wanted to share her immense talent abroad and learning more new thing from the people outside Indonesia. This thought triggered her departure heading London, then Paris.

After some struggles and survives to get a record deal, failures and mishaps then lead her way to meet this one of the famous producer named Erick Benzi. 'Snow on the Sahara' debut album was released in 1997 and became her very first international recognition since this album itself distributed in more than 33 countries across continents.

In 2000, Anggun was back with sophomore 'Chrysalis', 'Luminescence' in 2005 and ‘Elevation’ in 2008. Singing in multi-lingual : French, English and Indonesian, she is indeed inspiring many people to learn those three languages, especially French. And it seemed work well, that's why France government awarded Anggun 'Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres'.

What about the recognition from her homeland Indonesia? Eventhough it is a little bit late, in 2006, Indonesia honoured Anggun as 'Indonesian Best International Artist' in Indonesian Music Award.

It's just the beginning of the beginning. Anggun once said there are more to come and we surely will wait for her next odysseys.

Wait for her upcoming album ‘Echoes’ this year!